What is a Shaker Kitchen? A 2023 Guide to Shaker Kitchens

Offering timeless beauty and elegance, shaker kitchens evoke a homely and naturalistic atmosphere for any home. Its minimalistic cues and flat wooden surfaces offer subtle textures, providing the perfect foundation to introduce character through tailored light fixtures and door handles.

At KNB, we understand that kitchens are one of the most important rooms within a house. We want yours to emphasise character and be a central hub for you and your family. That’s why your kitchen must be right for you.

What is a Shaker Kitchen Style?

Designed for their simplicity, shaker kitchens adopt a very minimalist appearance and are typically accompanied by little or no ornamentation. As well as offering greater versatility around your kitchen, they are also decorated with straight wooden edges that provide clean lines and a naturalistic design throughout.

What is the Difference Between a Shaker Kitchen and Other Kitchen Styles?

Adapted to suit personal taste, shaker kitchens are versatile. Their simple beauty is timeless, offering easy adjustment or tailoring for your specific needs and style preferences. Whilst their design is flexible, shaker kitchens also have key defining characteristics against modern, bespoke, and traditional kitchen styles.

Shaker Kitchen vs Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens typically adopt an ergonomic, clean feel that is designed to capture the eye, whilst shaker kitchens provide a more natural design. You’ll find that both kitchen styles offer a minimalist approach that can be easily tailored to suit personal preferences.

Lighting fixtures and surface materials also evoke different experiences for these kitchens. You’ll find that light has flexibility and ease to travel around a modern kitchen due to its reflective surfaces and spaciousness. Conversely, shaker kitchens establish a warm and homely atmosphere.

Shaker Kitchen

  • Minimal decoration, providing a natural look
  • Flat panel centre pieces that are wooden, creating a homely feel
  • Textured detailing from flat wood surfaces and bespoke door handles

Modern Kitchen

  • Layered lighting effects that evoke spaciousness
  • Clean, ergonomic lines that are designed to create a sleek appearance
  • Clutter-free space that promotes relaxation

Shaker Kitchen vs Traditional Kitchen

Despite both kitchens offering a level of warmth inside your home, many opt for a traditional kitchen due to its striking oak cabinets. Partnered beautifully with brick or tile textures, traditional kitchens can perfectly reflect your style. For those who prefer a more rustic design, a shaker kitchen is an ideal solution. Whilst both kitchens deliver a homely feel, a shaker kitchen offers versatility when redecorating or changing door handle styles.

Traditional kitchen styles are formal but inviting and offer homeowners full flexibility to experiment with a variety of textures, colours and light fixtures. Whilst this option is available for shaker kitchens, many prefer the minimalistic and simple design. Shaker kitchens typically follow a modular design that allows full customisation that meets specific needs.

Shaker Kitchen

  • Full flexibility and customisation for specific needs
  • Simplistic textures and depths offered as part of a minimalistic design
  • Offers a more rustic design with wooden door panelling

Traditional Kitchen

  • Designs perfectly reflect character with homeowners able to experiment with textures
  • Character and personality are at the heart of this kitchen style
  • Produces a formal but welcoming atmosphere

Shaker Kitchen vs Bespoke Kitchen

Whereas shaker kitchens can be customised , bespoke kitchen styles offer optimal tailoring. Bespoke styles don’t tend to follow any set theme and are entirely created by your vision and requirements. Shaker kitchens typically emphasise a minimalistic appearance that can be adapted to suit styles.

Whilst you know you are going to enjoy a warm, homely, and naturalistic feel with a shaker kitchen, a bespoke kitchen is completely open to interpretation often allowing for multiple styles, features and functionality to be adopted.

Shaker Kitchen

  • Offers flexibility for customisation but maintains its minimalistic approach
  • Versatility is guaranteed for optimal kitchen use
  • Rustic look with minimal to no decoration

Bespoke Kitchen

  • Entirely adapted based on your vision, character and requirements
  • The purpose of your kitchen is up to your interpretation
  • Decoration is determined by your style

Can a Shaker Kitchen be Incorporated into a Modern Kitchen Design?

Due to its versatility, a shaker kitchen can be easily incorporated into a modern kitchen design. Coupling reflective cabinets with a slightly rustic feel can be the perfect pairing. Modern kitchens typically offer an ergonomic and sleek feel, inviting light and welcoming guests. The warmth and homely feeling offered by a shaker kitchen can only enhance the invitation that guests feel as they enter your kitchen.

In fact, shaker kitchens are so versatile that elements and components can be found in bespoke and modern kitchens. If optimum functionality in your kitchen is vital, a shaker kitchen could be the perfect fit for you.


Are shaker kitchens easy to clean?

Despite their textured appearance, shaker kitchen cabinets are often smooth and without ridges making them easy to wipe down. They are often favoured for their low-maintenance characteristics. The design of the cabinets often affords a clean look meaning less polishing and cleaning is required.

Are shaker kitchens expensive?

Shaker kitchen cabinets are often a slightly cheaper solution than some other kitchen styles. Additionally, they can offer value for a home due to their clean and low-maintenance design.

Can I personalise a shaker kitchen?

From door handles to fixtures and fittings, your shaker kitchen needs to feel right for you. Personalisation and customisation can be achieved to ensure your requirements are met.

Are shaker kitchens easy to install?

Shaker kitchens are ideal for any home as they are easily adaptable. Their design and construction make them a favourite for many homeowners. At KNB, we offer simple installation.

Interested in Installing a Shaker Kitchen?

Our shaker kitchens offer total personalisation to ensure it is right for you. From our various cabinet styles to lighting suggestions, we hold the perfect combination for you.

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