7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Fashions and trends change all the time, which is why we rely on timeless designs. For small kitchen decorating ideas, the limited space presents an opportunity to get creative with design. The internet is a great resource for small kitchen design ideas. Yet, for us at least, we’ve been injecting style and taste in kitchens big and small for years now. In that time, trends have changed regarding kitchen design ideas for small places. So, why not make your next kitchen renovation a lasting one?

Small Kitchen Colour Ideas

One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform the design of your small kitchen is through colour choice. Adding colour can be one of the best ways to change the scenery of your house – plus certain colour can create the illusion of feeling roomier.

There’s no limit to the modern colour palette for your kitchen. From muted tones, to punchy vibrant ones, your kitchen design could rely on soothing greys, or feel energised by earthy purples, greens, or tasteful reds.

Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Figuring out a creative solution to a kitchen fix up can be as simple as the right lighting. From modern fixtures like ornamental lamps and concealed spotlights to organic sources of light such as larger windows and skylights, your kitchen could outgrow its small perception.

Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen

Kitchen space always feels limited, so introducing the perception of more space can be achieved through managing what you do have – with storage, containers, even new furniture, such as cabinetry.

Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces can be turned into exciting ones with a few design touches – you could introduce colour, light, or creative storage ideas to elevate your kitchen.

Making the most out of your small kitchen couldn’t be easier with the right visual aids – and a bit of resourcefulness in happy measure.

Below are 7 ideas that will help you transform tired, small spaces into new, exciting ones.

1) Worktops Minus the Clutter

Keeping your kitchen worktops clutter-free will not only give you more culinary preparation space, but it will give the illusion of more space. In smaller kitchens, by keeping chopping boards, small appliances and jars in your cabinets you are left with a stress-free environment to prepare all your favourite tasty dishes.

2) Airy Open Shelves

Kitchen designers are trying to open up people’s homes and there’s not much that’s as effective as replacing wall cabinets with open shelving. It puts your pots, pans and crockery on show and makes it easier to access things when you’re in a rush. It’s also an easy and effective way to make your kitchen appear larger, and means you won’t accidentally bang your head on an open cabinet door.

 3) Add Texture to your Kitchen

The materials used in kitchens are trending to include more living textures. This will make your kitchen irresistible to your friends’ touch. You want them to interact with your kitchen, to really feel the beauty of it. Materials like natural wood, stone and concrete will invite people to feel their surface.

4) Look up for Inspiration

Designers have neglected the ceiling for far too long. Because of the lack of available space, small kitchens need to utilise all of the available room. Invite your friends over for a coffee and watch as they look up in awe. This can be achieved by creating exciting patterns that capture your interest and by using innovative lighting that will leave a lasting impression.

If your ceilings are higher than usual, use it to your advantage! One idea is to place attention-grabbing graphics such as quotes up the walls to also move guests’eyes upwards.

5) Light, White and Bright Trend

Minimalistic white tiling such as subway tiles gives the impression of additional sunlight and brightness. This creates a sense of openness in a small kitchen and is also a timeless colour–scheme, if you want to refresh your kitchen’s look in the future just switch up your kitchen utensil colour-scheme.

6) Modern-Traditional Style

For years, homeowners just like you, have had to make the difficult decision. Do I want a modern kitchen or a traditional kitchen? Luckily, you no longer have to make a choice. The two are no longer mutually exclusive as many small kitchen ideas bravely marry aspects of both kitchen styles. This brings you a warm and homey kitchen that can reflect your personality, without having to compromise on style. Be the first out of your friends and family to make this bold move, and watch as everyone else follows suit.

7) Shaker Style Kitchens

Shaker style kitchens are nothing new. They’ve been around for years, and they will be around for even more to come. The combinations of simplicity and the textural natural beauty of wood make them truly magnificent kitchens that will always be fashionable. A shaker kitchen will be a classy, yet modest, addition to your home.

Although we personalise each of our kitchen designs to you, we believe these ideas will materialise in our customers’ desires. If you’re interested in getting a new small fitted kitchen view some of our fitted kitchen range here, or order a brochure for our full kitchen range.