What Different Types of Shower Heads Are Available For Your Bathroom?

Image of shower head in bathroom

Whether you require a practical solution, modified and bespoke choices or a stunning design, your shower head should offer the exact functionality you need. For modern homes, it’s no longer satisfactory to just own a working shower head. As many use the opportunity to take a shower as a chance to relax you’ll need the right type of shower head to give you the best experience.

Alongside a bathroom renovation, a range of shower head styles are available to meet your personal preferences. Fittings and shower head placement can provide spaciousness within your bathroom, ensuring extra comfort and manoeuvrability. For those requiring more practical solutions to accommodate height or architectural restrictions, there’s no longer a need to compromise.

Different types of shower heads, attachments and fittings are available to ensure optimal use within your bathroom. So, which one works for you?

Fixed Shower Heads

Depending on your requirements, a fixed shower head could be an ideal solution for your bathroom. As they normally ensure excellent futureproofing for bathroom projects, they can also be customised to suit your style.

1. Wall-mounted Shower Heads

Fixed in place, wall-mounted shower heads offer a permanent fixture within your shower. Its design provides an excellent solution for those who prefer their shower head to sit at a consistent height that is taller than themselves. As wall-mounted fixtures are unable to be moved without tools, there is no chance that a wall-mounted shower head will slip out of position, making for a less intrusive shower.

For many, the opportunity to shower is one that provides a moment for relaxation and calm. As soon as a wall-mounted shower is activated, a steady stream of water is directed straight down. Without the irritation of a sliding shower head, it can offer exceptional chances to unwind. Wall-mounted shower heads are also a plausible choice for bathrooms with sloped ceilings because they can fit comfortably in the space underneath one.

Your wall-mounted shower head system will also futureproof your home for upcoming renovation projects. Whatever your preference, it’s easy to replace your shower head attachment with a more suitable design. Additionally, they’re easy to customise in style and functionality too.

2. Ceiling-mounted Shower Heads

A ceiling-mounted shower head can offer greater inclusion for taller people. It’s also possible to include waterfall shower head attachments for optimal comfort. The fixture itself will need to be positioned a few centimetres away from the wall and offer the tallest person at least 12 inches between the shower and their head.

For those who are more conscious about their water usage, a ceiling-mounted shower head could save on your water bill. The attachments are designed to fit above your head, meaning that when you stand directly underneath every part of your body is covered with water at the same time. As well as evoking an incredibly warm feeling, high-efficiency shower heads can ensure that less water is wasted, making them a more economical solution.

3. Bar-mounted Shower Heads

Even greater practicality is ensured with bar-mounted shower heads as they don’t require recessing within the wall, making them simple to install. This is another excellent example of a shower head and its adjustments that can futureproof your home for upcoming renovations.

Single attachments for bar-mounted shower heads ensure a variety of configurable settings for each person in the home. Height and angle adjustment, as well as its detachable function, offer accessibility for all members of the household. It’s also an ideal solution for pets as the shower head can be adjusted for cleaning. Dual attachments are also possible alongside bar-mounted shower heads.

Handheld Shower Heads

Many homes within the UK more commonly stock a handheld shower system since its installation is one of the least intrusive. For landlords renovating a property ready for a tenant, this can be an excellent, long-term solution.

1. Dual-Shower Heads

Providing users with the best of both worlds, dual-shower heads can include a stationary attachment as well as a handheld shower head. The dual option is ideal for every family home. For individuals of varying heights and mobility needs, the handheld version can ensure a suitable way to shower, whilst those preferring to stand in a central spot can enjoy the full effect of the water enveloping them.

The functionality of the two attachments also offers variations for the style of shower head fitted. For example, the permanent fixture can be kitted out with a rainfall or waterfall-style shower head, whilst the handheld one can include adjustable settings.

2. Adjustable Shower Heads

Fully adjustable shower heads provide benefits, such as amending the spray angle and adjusting the height position. When they’re combined with handheld shower attachments, they offer additional support with cleaning around the bath or shower area. Likewise, they are suitable for providing personal care needs to those with limited mobility and can also be adapted for use on pets.

Their design means you can target the areas you need to clean, which could contribute to a reduction in water waste. The level of accuracy afforded by adjustable shower heads means you can direct the water exactly where it needs to go instead of waiting for it to cover the right area. In addition, they can be customised to suit low-water pressure areas.

What Type of Shower Head Will Work For You?

Thanks to a plentiful range of shower heads available, design and functionality are always certain to hit the mark. Whether you need a solution that offers greater manoeuvrability or just something to really make your bathroom pop, we have the right solution for you.

Our brochure covers an extensive selection of shower head attachments, fixtures and designs that perfectly accompany any bathroom. Alternatively, you can contact one of our team to discuss the best solution for you.