12 Great Ideas to Inspire a Modern White and Gold Bathroom

12 Inspiring Modern White and Gold Bathroom Ideas

A white and gold bathroom is often seen as the ultimate symbol of wealth and power reserved for the elite. It is viewed as a sign of divinity in some cultures, and you’ll find white and gold bathrooms in all kinds of iconic buildings from the Trump Tower to historic Egyptian palaces.

While white and gold bathrooms were once considered a luxury for the privileged, attitudes changed in the 19th century with the resurgence of gold leaf, making it more accessible and affordable for the masses, and a popular theme in interior design, art, and architecture.

If you’re looking to create a modern white and gold bathroom in your property, we’ve created a list of 12 exciting and practical ideas that are guaranteed to provide all the inspiration you need.

Why Should I Choose a White and Gold Bathroom?

We’re big admirers of the sheer beauty, elegance, and traditional charm of white and gold bathrooms, and you should be too! After all, white and gold bathrooms are chic, offer timeless appeal, and seamlessly blend with various colour palettes, designs, features, and styles. What’s not to like?

Whether you’re splashing out on a new bathroom or wetroom installation, or revamping your tired bathroom space, it’s probably time you considered a stylish, modern white and gold bathroom in your home. The white base provides a clean and fresh look, ample brightness, and makes a bathroom look bigger than it is, while gold accents and features create a sense of warmth and harmony. Combine these elements with your personal preference for tiles, fixtures, mirrors, vanity units, décor, and more and you’ll achieve the white and gold bathroom or wetroom you’ve always desired.

Without further ado, here are 12 swish styling options to help you create the perfect – and affordable – white and gold bathroom of your dreams.

1. Add Splashes of Gold Detail

In our eyes, gold is unequivocally gorgeous in a bathroom. However, be careful not to overdo it and less can often be more when it comes to gold fixtures and fittings. Even replacing your vanity cabinet handles with gold handles or introducing a gold vase or soap dish will provide eye-catching additions to your bathroom space.

2. Hang a Gold Statement Mirror

We love this white and gold bathroom design both for its simplicity and aesthetic appeal. Your eye is immediately drawn to the large, contemporary golden wall mirror that stands out against the neutral background of the creamy white walls and the sheer white toilet and basin. A statement mirror is also an easy way to make your bathroom feel brighter and more spacious, which is particularly helpful in smaller spaces.

3. Fit Gold Taps

There’s a strong modern white and gold bathroom theme present in this example. As well as wall tiles with a gold, marbled effect and the golden edges around the vanity units, the use of gold sink and basin taps plus the attractive gold shower head deliver a bold (and gold) statement.

4. Install a Gold Ladder Towel Radiator

Make the radiator the centrepiece of your bathroom project by installing a gold ladder towel rail. This stylish piece of bathroom furniture will elevate your space to the next level. As well as being a practical solution for towel storage, it will enhance the aesthetic of your gold and white bathroom and also make maximum use of the available space.

5. Use Gold Bathroom Rugs

A rug makes any space look and feel cozier, and it’s particularly effective at adding warmth to your bathroom or wetroom space. So, consider adding a gold rug and shower mat in your bathroom in keeping with your overall white and gold theme. The example used here is particularly ornate with its Moroccan design, and the gold cabinet legs, handles, tap, and shower screen provide a beautiful contrast against the striking white floor tiles.

6. Fit a Gold Shower Head

The design of your showerhead can make a significant impact on the overall look of your bathroom or wetroom. For a white and gold bathroom, it means only one thing – you’ll need a statement, gold shower head like the one in this picture. As you can see, the gold shower and wall fixtures look striking against the subtle gold and white design of the shower walls. Stunning.

7. Add a Feature Bench

Something as simple as a small bench can really help pull your bathroom design together. Even if you’ve opted for a full white and gold theme throughout your bathroom, we’re still partial to a wooden bench to warm the space up a little. Not only that, but a bench provides an extra design element, and you can even store your slippers underneath or place your clothes on top.

8. Go for Gold Sconces

Lighting can have a dramatic influence in any room, and that’s particularly true of white and gold bathrooms. Here, these gorgeous wall sconces work brilliantly alongside the gold mirror, taps, and handles and help to achieve the modern look you desire. Not only that but the round sconces provide character and balance to the square edges of the countertop. And let’s face it, they’re far more exciting than boring recessed lighting.

9. Use Greenery and Plants

At KNB, we’re big fans of adding splashes of green and organic elements to a bathroom or wetroom. If you’re going for a white and gold bathroom design, introducing live or faux plants is a great way to break up the colour scheme and give your space plenty of contrasting features. Here, the green tones emphasise the white and gold in your bathroom and provide a calming effect. Just make sure you choose species that can cope with the humid conditions such as begonia and peace lily or go for faux plants instead.

10. Utilise Gold Storage Units

It’s important to make maximum use of any bathroom or wetroom space, and introducing extra storage helps keep everything organised and clutter to a minimum. You’ll find storage units in a variety of materials and colours including gold, and they can become a key feature of your bathroom. Whether you use the extra storage for towels or to display plants, they’re a practical and stylish addition to your space.

11. Fit Gold Handles and Knobs

We say the more classic gold cabinet handles or round knobs there are the better. It’s a cheap and easy way to enhance your white and gold bathroom vibe, especially when set against pure white cabinet doors. A simple method for adding a sophisticated touch and a classic look.

12. Choose Subtle Artwork

If you have blank white walls in your bathroom or wetroom, hanging some artwork will break up the space and provide a focal feature. Paintings or images of natural landscapes will help bring the outdoors in and provide a calming ambiance for you to relax and unwind. Whatever you choose, highlight your bathroom artwork with a striking gold frame for maximum effect.

Need Help with Your White and Gold Bathroom Design?

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