Make your Kitchen the Heart of your Christmas Party

Are you hosting a big festive bash this year? Or just having a few friends over for an evening? No matter the scale of your party, make your kitchen the place to be this Christmas.

When you think about it, the kitchen is always a hive of activity at Christmas. Food and drink is in full flow, and friends and family come bustling in and out throughout the day. So why not make your kitchen the heart of your Christmas party this year with these simple tips?

Turn on the tunes

One sure-fire way of getting everyone to gather in the kitchen is by making it the source of the Christmas music. Put your music system up on the window sill, or on the breakfast bar if you have one, and let people queue up their favourite tracks. They won’t be able to resist dancing along!

Help yourself

Kitchen buffet with friends enjoying food

If you want to keep people hanging around your kitchen during the Christmas party then make sure you apply a ‘help yourself’ attitude when it comes to food and drinks. If you’re putting on a buffet-style spread, lay this out on your kitchen worktops. This helps limit any accidental mess to one room, but it also means that it’s super easy to refill any plates and dishes! Why not try the ultimate help yourself method and label your cupboards so your guests can go in there and grab whatever else they want?

Go all out on the decorations

If you want your kitchen to be where everyone spends their time at your Christmas party then don’t hold back on the decorations! We recommend fairy lights as these are dead easy to string up and can really add to the atmosphere of any Christmas party. Some classic Christmas bunting and tinsel also won’t go a miss, for that extra added sparkle!

Two females in the kitchen laughing and drinking coffee

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the kitchen is just where the food is prepared. It can be a wonderful space for entertaining, or somewhere warm and cosy to relax. This Christmas, make the most of your kitchen and share all it has to offer with your guests!

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