Large Kitchen Design Ideas

Large kitchen design ideas

When working with a large kitchen, it can often feel like you are drowning in space if you don’t correctly use furniture and décor to fill the area.

At KNB, we design all our kitchens to optimally make use of your available space, so if you’ve got a kitchen that is larger than imagined, we’ve compiled some ideas below to help you.

1. Create Focal Design Points In The Ceiling

If you have a high ceiling, or are considering changing from a flat roof to a dormer roof, you can add in a focal design point hanging from the ceiling.

These draw someone’s focus upwards, and also make the room appear cosier, which for a family kitchen, is always a good thing.

If you have a rustic inspired home, you can add in wooden beams, or a series of vintage inspired LED bulbs, that have the LED bulbs in the shapes of traditional filaments.

large rustic kitchen idea with wooden beams and traditional filament bulbs

In modern kitchens, you can add glass sculptures or other design features that reflect your homes style and suspend them from the ceiling to create a focal point of interest. This ensures that you maintain the style of your home, all the while bringing more art and design into your home.

2. Add Multiple Seating Options

Rather than having just a traditional dining table, or breakfast bar, considering adding two or more places for multiple people to sit, eat and socialise – this can be a great way to encourage community. Whether this is an embedded breakfast bar in an island, or a freestanding high table with bar stools, there are multiple ways you can introduce additional seating.

Multiple seating options in large kitchen

For those who work from home, having different spaces around the house to work and meet makes it easier to focus. It also allows for more informal eating, whether on-the-go breakfasts or grazing board lunches.

3. Install A Central Island

Kitchen islands have become much more popular in recent years, but as well as being additional cooking space, people are now making them their central cooking space. This allows for a more welcoming and open cooking space that the entire house can get involved with.

large kitchen with central island and hob

As mentioned, islands are now also being installed with seating so everyone can get involved, as well it being the perfect place to have drinks, chat with friends, and host.

4. Use Herringbone Tiles

In kitchens where tiles are used, it’s important to consider the shape and layout of your tiles. A large format tile is great for areas such as bathrooms, but often doesn’t work as well in kitchens. Not only are there an increased number of cupboards, moving parts and opening doors, but the bigger tiles can make the room look peculiar.

Instead consider a smaller format tile. Laying them in a herringbone pattern can make them look more welcoming and less industrial.

large kitchen design with small tiles laid in a herringbone pattern

5. Add A Skylight In

Skylights, especially in large kitchens or those with high ceilings, help to add in a natural light in such a pleasant way. Unlike artificial light, which will struggle to properly illuminate a room, skylights shed light into every corner of a room.

While they only work if your kitchen is a single storey, you can manipulate the natural light by using higher up windows, full length patio doors and more.

Large kitchen with high ceiling and skylight

6. Choose Softer Lighting

Unless you’re going for a dramatic stainless steel industrial inspired kitchen, harsh light can make a room seem sharp and unwelcoming.

Large kitchen with soft and natural lighting

A softer and warmer light will not only make the room seem more friendly, but will mean that even in the coldest months, the kitchen feels like a cosy place to be.

7. Design Built-In Open Cabinetry

Open cabinets, for your crockery and cutlery, make your kitchen more guest friendly, and mean that meals for friends or extended family are less formal.

By having open facing cabinets, you can let people join in with the meal preparation, display prized ceramics, have herb planters, perhaps some memorable bottles or more. It’s an inclusive and open way of having a modern kitchen.

Large kitchen with open cabinetry above the sink

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