How Easy is it to Install a Disabled Bathroom?

With over 30 years’ experience designing and installing bathrooms across Nottingham, KNB know that everyone’s requirements are different. This includes the requirement for accessible adaptations – no one bathroom design is the same. So, how easy is it to install a disabled bathroom? Luckily, with KNB, it couldn’t be easier.

No matter the size or shape of your bathroom, there are several adaptations KNB can advise on or incorporate in the design process and install in your home, including:

Walk-in Showers & Wet Rooms

Baths and standard shower cubicles have raised areas that make access difficult with limited mobility. Walk-in showers and wet rooms offer the ideal solution, with level access, there are no raised areas and aesthetically, they look seamless and modern.


Improved access and safety are the main benefits of walk in showers and wet rooms. There is a reduced risk of a slip or an injury and depending on the space available; wheelchairs can even be accommodated within the shower.

Grab Rails

We will install a range of grab and hold rails wherever you require them, coloured to match your bathroom’s exact aesthetic.


The benefits of grab rails include allowing for effortless access around your entire bathroom, and as mentioned above, we can install rails that complement your bathroom’s design.

Shower Seats

Choose from a range of high quality functional shower seats to be installed, whether working with a modern and sleek bathroom design or more traditional look. Folding seats are also available if space is an issue.


The benefits of a fitted or foldable shower seat mean you can comfortably bathe without the risk of injury or falling. If you opt for a foldable seat, they can then be folded away when guests who do not require the chair wish to bathe.

Accessible Basins

We can adapt your washbasin to sit at the height comfortable for you. We can also ensure clear underneath access is available to allow space for a wheelchair.


A washbasin that is lowered to your required height means you always have comfortable access without reaching. The reduced bulk underneath the basin doesn’t mean you have to have expose unsightly pipe work; this can be covered but still offer space for a wheelchair.

Half Height Shower Screens

For those who require assistance when bathing, a half height shower screen with curtain ensures privacy for the user and easy access for the carer, with the assurance of watertight sealing.


In addition to privacy for users and easy access, half height shower screens offer suitable splash protection for carers. They are durable and robust and come in a variety of designs.

If you’re looking to refresh your bathroom and are based in the Nottingham area, give us a call or book a consultation today.