Finding The Right Kitchen Fitter For Your Kitchen Remodel

Find Your Perfect Kitchen Fitter

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, it’s important to find the right kitchen fitter. You want a company who does good work for a reasonable price that you can rely on. Unfortunately, a quick search online will bring up hundreds of kitchen renovation companies. There are so many it may seem impossible to find the right one for you. To help you choose, KNB have come up with a guide for picking and working with the perfect kitchen fitter.

Step 1: Research

Make a list of around 10 companies in your area. Call each one or visit their website and tell them about your project. You’re looking for someone who handles projects of a similar size to yours, can provide references and has a long relationship with any subcontractors they use. Once you have spoken to everyone, pick the 3 you like the best and start contacting their references. You want to see what kind of work they do and how well they work with clients. Remember that you will have these people in your house for an indefinite amount of time. That means you have to be able to trust them and work well together.

Step 2: Meet Face To Face

When you meet face to face it’s a chance for you to get to know your potential kitchen fitters. Meet with the 3 you chose from step one and ask questions. You want someone who is happy to answer your queries and work with you. If they cannot give you satisfactory answers, they are not the kitchen fitter for you. During the face to face interview, ask to see examples of the kitchen fitters’ previous work. You want to know exactly what their finished product looks like.

Step 3: Get Bids

Now it’s time to talk money; request bids from the kitchen fitters you liked in the face to face meeting. Remember that you’re not looking for the cheapest option; you’re looking for the best service for you. If one kitchen fitter provides a much better service, it’s probably worth the extra money to reduce any future headaches. A good rule to remember is “buy cheap and buy twice.”

Step 4: Set A Schedule

For this step you want to get everything in writing. This includes a schedule for payment, when the project will begin, when it will end, what is to be done, and when the kitchen fitter will need access. This ensures that everyone knows the plan and if anything goes wrong, it gives you some legal recourse. Remember, if it’s not in writing, you cannot prove it’s part of the agreement.

Step 5: Have Everything Ready

Once everything is agreed, you still need to hold up your end of the deal. This often means having the kitchen empty and ready for work to begin. You should also have any payments ready when they are due. Making sure your kitchen is ready for work to begin is very important. If workmen have to wait for you to empty cabinets or clear counters, you’re only costing yourself more money and delaying the start of work on your kitchen.

If you’re interested in building your dream kitchen, KNB can help. Our free, no obligation design and quotation can put your vision on to paper. You can also visit our fitted kitchens page to see how KNB can build your perfect kitchen.