Easter Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Are you looking for some inspirational ideas on how to make your Easter extra special this year? We recommend going all-out in the kitchen, and we don’t just mean in the food department!

Gathering the whole family together and making your kitchen the heart of the house doesn’t just have to be at Christmas. Easter is always worth celebrating and making the most of. The worst of the winter months have been and gone, and it’s time to look forward to some warmer weather, spring flowers and new life. But how do you capture the excitement of Easter and bring it into your home? We’ve put together some inspiring Easter kitchen decoration ideas that focus on bringing some springtime joy into your home …

  1. An Easter Wreath

This spring twist on a quintessential Christmas classic is just what every kitchen needs this Easter. Why not hang one up where you put your advent calendars in December? Depending on how much time you have, you can either make your own wreath or buy one for your kitchen. Think pretty yellow and white flowers with fresh green sprigs to really capture the essence of spring.

  1. Nest Candleholders

Tealights look pretty all year round, and make perfect Easter kitchen decoration ideas! Why not create some small nests of twigs and place some simple glass tealight holders in the middle with the tealight in. This creates a simple and rustic effect that’s perfect for any kitchen. Just make sure you don’t have any naked flames near the twigs!

  1. Colourful Centrepieces

If you’ve got a dining table in your kitchen then an Easter-themed centrepiece will really set the spring tone for the rest of the room. Go for pastel tones and floral patterns to bring a touch of spring flare to the table setting. This will instantly brighten up the whole room. Remember, the bigger the better!

  1. Bunny Bunting

Who doesn’t love baby rabbits? Alongside chicks they are the go-to animal of the spring season. If you’ve got kids then have a go at an arts and crafts session to make your own bunny bunting to hang up around the kitchen. This can be easily strung around cupboards or hung from ceiling lights to make a quirky Easter kitchen decoration feature!

  1. Pretty Pastel Bows

Using some simple pastel ribbon, tie this into big bows and attach them to the back of a chair, or to a cupboard handle. This is a really easy way to dress up your entire kitchen and requires hardly any fuss!

These are just a few quick and easy ways to add a touch of Easter to your kitchen. If you’re looking to completely redesign your kitchen space for a fresh new look this spring, we’ve got the latest trends and expert consultants on-hand to guide you.

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