From Floor to Countertops: What Colours Complement Grey Kitchen Units?

Grey kitchen

Grey has become a popular neutral choice for those seeking a clean and contemporary look in the kitchen. Grey seamlessly blends with a wide range of palettes and styles and is one of the most versatile colours used in modern kitchen design.

Why is grey so popular? Because it’s an ideal neutral backdrop, a blank canvas on which you can be as creative as you like, whether adding splashes of bright and bold colours or keeping a sleek, grey theme throughout your kitchen.

If you’re planning a major kitchen revamp or just a quick refresh, you’ll probably have a range of questions that need answering. For example, what colour goes with grey kitchen units? How can you introduce warmth into a grey kitchen? What colour floor goes with grey kitchen units? This blog will highlight the colours and shades that perfectly complement grey kitchens and grey kitchen units in every property.

What Colour Goes With Grey Kitchen Units?

Grey kitchen units provide a neutral backdrop for any kitchen design and pairs with a spectrum of complementary colours. Whether your preference is for a classic or contemporary look, grey can help transform your kitchen into a stylish, inviting, and practical space you’ll love spending time in.

Not only is grey an elegant kitchen colour, but it also comes in a broad range of shades to suit every taste. Create a dramatic look by styling your kitchen in dark grey, or make your kitchen bright, airy, and spacious with a light grey theme.

So, what colours should you select to complement the grey kitchen units in your property? Let’s find out.

1. Blush Pinks

Adding a splash of vibrant pink is a simple way to create a touch of fun and romance in your kitchen. Pink is soft, elegant, and the ideal complementary colour to your grey walls and cabinets. It’s easy to incorporate pops of pink throughout your kitchen with pink chairs, towels, ornaments, crockery, window blinds, or even a pastel pink backsplash.

2. Organic Greens

Bring the outdoors in with earthy greens that provide a subtle organic element against your grey units. From dusky greens to sage and eucalyptus, this combination delivers a fresh and natural edge to your kitchen space and compliments grey beautifully. Introducing green wall tiles, potted plants, and herb gardens will also produce the calming ambiance you desire.

3. Cool Blues

Introducing cool blue tones into your grey kitchen will feel like a breath of fresh air. From luscious light blues to deeper navy, blues complement grey effortlessly in your kitchen. For instance, an inky blue kitchen island delivers nautical vibes that look stunning against light grey units. Meanwhile, pastel blues combined with grey create the perfect colour blend in Shaker kitchen designs. Finally, carefully chosen accessories such as a vibrant blue backsplash will enhance the serene maritime atmosphere in a grey kitchen.

4. Wonderful Whites

Grey and white is a timeless combination if you’re seeking a neutral kitchen interior. Perhaps the most simplistic pairing of the lot, it uses shade and light to create a clean, calming ambiance and a spacious feeling throughout your kitchen space. Shades like white, cream, and soft beige are a perfect partner for grey. White countertops, cream tiles, or beige backsplashes all deliver an understated elegance against the grey backdrop. A grey kitchen island also makes a stunning central feature and will stand out against light-coloured walls.

5. Daring Darks

For a monochromatic and bold look use dark accents that harmonise with grey kitchen cabinets to create a strong, mysterious aesthetic throughout your kitchen. Consider adding deep charcoal, darker shades of grey, black appliances, or matte black taps and fixtures for a sleek and contemporary look. Choosing black drawer and cabinet handles for your grey cabinets provides further depth to the overall design, providing an ultra-modern vibe. If you’re concerned this look is too industrial, soften it with contrasting houseplant and organic features as well as wooden furniture.

6. Warming Wood

If you’re concerned your grey cabinets make your kitchen feel too cold or sterile, adding natural timber elements will create a warm and earthy atmosphere. Not only are wooden countertops practical and hard-wearing, but they’re a simple way to introduce timber into your kitchen space. Similarly, open wooden shelving and wooden kitchen stools bring a touch of nature to the indoors, producing a harmonious blend of contemporary and rustic that always works well. Oak and walnut are common choices in grey kitchens, both being durable, long-lasting and striking to look at.

7. Metallic Tones

As we previously mentioned, grey kitchen cabinets are a blank canvas for selecting your favourite accessories to go with them. Adding metallic elements will give your kitchen an ultra-modern feel, and there’s an abundance of options to choose from. Metallic handles, pendant lights, and sink taps stand out against grey, while gold bar handles provide another option. Whether you prefer gold or silver, or copper and bronze, any metallic features will complement grey kitchen units.

What Colour Goes With Light Grey Kitchen Units?

Light grey kitchen units are a great way to make your kitchen feel bright and airy while creating a sense of space. Light grey adds a touch of sophistication to a kitchen and pairs with a wide variety of other colour palettes.

If your kitchen has light grey units, consider using strong dark tones elsewhere to create a dramatic look that’s certain to impress. Shades like charcoal black and dark navy blue work wonders against light grey units when applied to countertops and other kitchen features. Similarly, adding wood throughout your kitchen space adds warmth and depth against a backdrop of light grey units. So wooden shelves, stools, countertops, and floors all help to create a striking contrast to the grey background.

What Colour Floor Goes With Grey Kitchen Units?

Selecting the right kitchen floor to complement your grey colour scheme depends on your personal style, the shade of grey, and the overall aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Here are some popular choices for your kitchen design.

Wooden Kitchen Floors

Wooden floors are guaranteed to bring the best out of your grey kitchen theme. Whether solid timber or wood-effect flooring, adding wood underfoot will remove the cold and clinical edge sometimes associated with grey. Light-coloured floors made from oak or maple provide a warming contrast to grey, while dark wood floors like walnut and teak create a dramatic look when paired with grey kitchen cabinets. Not only will you be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a wooden floor, but you also have the options of numerous styles such as solid timber, parquet, laminate, and engineered wood

Natural Stone Floors

Natural stone flooring beautifully complements kitchens with strong grey, white, and soft beige accents. Natural stone or limestone help to brighten up darker charcoal grey backgrounds and add texture to your kitchen space. Alternatively, embrace your grey kitchen theme by laying a traditional granite stone floor with its striking marbling design and hard-wearing features. You could even install matching granite countertops that highlight your choice of durable granite flooring.

Patterned Floor Tiles

Break up the greyness of your kitchen with stunning geometric or mosaic patterned floor tiles. For example, dark porcelain tiles provide a striking feature, especially when laid in herringbone designs or arranged as planks. If you want to add warmth to your grey kitchen, terracotta floors are a great choice, creating a cozy atmosphere alongside grey cabinets.

Concrete Kitchen Floors

For an industrial, modern look, you could install a polished concrete floor in your kitchen. Concrete floors are durable, functional, and provide a dramatic feature in any kitchen space. They have become a popular choice for those seeking an industrial vibe or trying to create a warehouse-style kitchen. Similarly, cooling slate floors are also ideal for a kitchen if you’re looking for a calming solution that matches the rest of your grey colour scheme.

Still Unsure Which Colours Go With Grey Kitchen Units?

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