The Latest Trendy Kitchen Ideas – 2020

Kitchens are seen as being a statement of their owner’s personality; not just a room for cooking in. The kitchen is the heart of the home. So we want to help bring the latest styles and trends to the kitchens of Nottingham. Read on for some inspiration on creating a fitted kitchen design that will be sure to wow any of your guests. 

What are the latest kitchen styles? 

As the feature room in many homes, kitchens are often bold and creative. Some of the most popular latest kitchen styles are: 

Rustic Farmhouse 

This classic style seems like it will never go out of fashion. Think medium and dark wood, autumnal colours and appliances that are built to last. One reason why we think the traditional farmhouse look is so popular is because it’s reminiscent of good old-fashioned cooking. Whether you enjoy baking pies and cakes, or  simply a hearty roast dinner, a practical farmhouse-style kitchen is the perfect place to get you in the mood to cook. 

Kitchen islands 

Another hugely popular choice for large kitchens is the installation of an island. Not only do these offer additional storage and work top space, but they also make a great spot for family and friends to gather around. Depending on the layout of your kitchen design, an island could include an oven and hob, a sink, worktop space, or a breakfast bar. 

Creative lighting 

Interesting and unusual lighting, instead of your standard  light fixture, is a wonderful way to introduce some style and individuality to your kitchen. Scandinavian styles which are soft and hang low, to really highlight the food and preparation, are particularly on trend at the moment, however some homeowners prefer to think outside of the box with perfectly placed spotlights and sparkling chandeliers. 

Wooden flooring 

When it comes to flooring, trends have taken  us through from stone slab flooring to tiles and now to wooden flooring, with dark mysterious colours taking the lead in popularity. Now, however, light wooden floors are becoming increasingly popular, particularly those that have a raw, untreated look.  

Use of organic materials 

Another new trend that’s becoming increasingly popular in fitted kitchens is the use of raw, organic materials – especially in the walls. Organic Brick walls, are particularly highly-sought after. The rustic look that a brick wall brings to the kitchen livens it up and gives it a more humble feel. But the organic look doesn’t stop there. Organic materials are also becoming increasingly favoured for cabinets and worktops, with wood taking the lead amongst the latest kitchen styles. 

Where many kitchens in the past few years have been sticking to a monochrome design, we anticipate that wood-heavy kitchen styles will continue to be a big trend. The organic look and feel of a kitchen is both warm and welcoming, inviting your guests to spend time in what we think is the most important room in the house.  

While these have been some of the most popular kitchen style ideas in recent years, there are, of course, many more to consider. We’re staying on top of the trends, so if you’re looking for inspiring kitchen ideas, give us a call. We’ll work with you to find a kitchen design that suits you. Alternatively, start by taking a look at our brochure for more ideas.