8 Alternatives to Traditional Kitchen Splashbacks

modern kitchen with island and splashback

When designing your kitchen, a splashback can be a small but monumental part of the design. For some, it’s used as a way to add a pop of colour or feature, and for others looking for a different style, it can be used to tie the room design together.

However, for many, tiles or glass splashbacks are not what they’re looking for. Whatever your plans are for your kitchen design, KNB has curated a list of some alternative splashback ideas to give you inspiration for your kitchen.

Kitchen Splashback Alternatives

1. Cork

A very sustainable approach to a splashback, the natural mottled effect that cork has not only makes it a design feature, but also leans into a more environmentally conscious kitchen design. Perfect for those who want a natural kitchen, cork has many additional properties that make it an ideal kitchen material.

Cork is naturally fire resistant, and it also stops mould and mildew developing on it, which makes it a perfect splashback material.

You will want to ensure that the cork you have chosen is easy to clean and has been treated to be water resistant to prevent any long-term damage.

2. Mirrors

Whether antique panels, or brand-new with mood lighting, a mirror can be an ingenious splashback alternative.

If you’ve only got one window in your kitchen, or want to reflect some light around the room, then installing a mirror can really help here. Make sure that the mirror you’ve chosen can be easily wiped down, cleaned and won’t chip easily.

You can also use alternative shapes with a mirror, installing hexagonal mirror tiles, or using a vintage mirror. A mirror is not only practical with the additional light, but also the added design aspect makes it a good choice for a home that wants a vintage look.

3. Hammered Copper

Copper has long been a popular material for kitchens. Reminiscent of days gone by where copper pots and pans were all the rage, copper is now used as not only a material for pots and pans, but one that has been used to add colour and practicality to a kitchen.

While copper sheeting can seem harsh, and be impossible to keep clean, hammered copper is becoming a popular alternative. It doesn’t look as harsh but maintains the elements of colour and design.

It can be hard to clean, but Bar Keepers Friend and some elbow grease will have it shiny in no time at all. One big benefit of copper is that it is naturally antibacterial, so is great in kitchens.

4. Paint

The old classic, paint is a great option for a splashback. Now that wipeable kitchen paint exists, there’s so many colour options you can choose for your kitchen splashback. It really does make for an easy to apply splashback that won’t cost the earth.

Paint Kitchen splashback

As you can choose most colours, it means that you can also change your splashback whenever you want, giving you more flexibility. Dulux offer a range of greaseproof kitchen paint that has over 100 colour choices.

And, using paint as your splashback means if you get chips or stains that won’t come off, you can just paint over them.

5. Wood

Wood is an interesting choice, as many will worry about it rotting or degrading over time. However, with the right treatment, whether a varnish or a water-resistant coat, wood can be a fantastic kitchen splashback.

We recommend finding reclaimed wood or reusing old pallets for example, as it’s a more sustainable, and often cheaper, option than buying wood sheets from new. Facebook groups often have pallets going for free, and it’s an easy DIY way to add some style to your kitchen.

6. Fabric (behind plastic)

Fabric is a choice that most people won’t think of when designing their kitchen. If you’ve got some spare Liberty print that you want to display, or you want to match your cushion covers somewhere in your kitchen, then a fabric splashback may be an option to consider.

You will need to back the fabric onto plastic so that it doesn’t get ruined, but aside from that, it’s a great option to have in your kitchen. Get creative!

7. Marble

Marble is having its moment at the minute, and it’s a hugely popular design choice for many customers. The natural patterns in the stone make for a captivating splashback that always looks good.

Kitchen with marble backsplash

And, as marble comes in a variety of colours, you can find a stone to match pretty much any colour scheme.

8. Bricks/concrete

Think modern New York loft apartment, and you can easily imagine how a brick or concrete splashback could look stunning. Or a country home with deep red exposed brickwork running through the home, having glass covering a small section behind the hob in the kitchen.

In either modern homes or older buildings, exposing the materials used to build the home can make for a fascinating yet authentic splashback. Like with marble, the natural variances in each stone reduce the worry of a plain wall, but don’t overpower a room the way a block of colour can.

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