KNB Virtual Experience

Create Our Perfect Kitchen Or Bathroom With Our CAD Software!

At KNB we want to make sure you love your kitchen or bathroom. That is why we created the KNB virtual experience. It is the perfect way to see what your kitchen or bathroom will look like once it is finished. You can view every surface, appliance and fitting to see exactly what your finished project will look like. You can also move around your kitchen to see everything from different angles and get a feel for how the space will change. We even include your lighting choices and flooring colour to help you get the clearest picture of what your will get form our expert craftspeople.
The beauty of the KNB virtual experience is that it gives all of our customers the final signoff off on their kitchen or bathroom design. That means if you see something you would like to change it can be added before the building work ever begins. This saves both time and money.

Below are some examples of the KNB Virtual Experience. Visualised using 20-20 FusionFX