What Colour Should I Paint My Kitchen?

With spring just around the corner, now is the time of year you’ll find yourself tempted to refresh the design of your kitchen. Part of the process of choosing a design for your traditional or modern kitchen is deciding on a colour-scheme. Did you want something fresh and airy? Or perhaps a kitchen that exudes elegance and class?

kitchen paint
It can be tempting to go for neutral colours; after all it’s a big commitment and you want to make sure you love it. However, we’ve broken down some alternative variants that you shouldn’t immediately cast aside.

Light, Airy & Refreshing

If you envisage your dream kitchen capturing as much light as possible, utilising cool tones with pastels colours or bright citrus shades will truly awaken spring and summer in your kitchen.

Pastels – Soft and Sweet

pastel blue kitchenIf soft and simple is what you are looking for, pastel shades are the direction to go. Think pastel blues, mint greens and mellow yellows – combined with light grey and white shades they create a breathable, clean and crisp environment for you to cook and relax with friends and family.

Citrus – Get Fruity with Orange, Yellow and Lime

citrus kitchen paintIf you’re feeling brave, citrus colours will bring your kitchen to life, exuding freshness and creating a tropical atmosphere even if it’s gloomy outside. On walls, combine with wood or white contrasting cabinets to keep it fresh and not too overpowering. Or, if you want a splash of bright citrus without being overpowered, keep walls white and try simply painting pantry/cupboard doors and incorporating matching statement utensils.

Elegant & Impactful


purple paint kitchen Not a colour you would expect to see in a kitchen – but perhaps that’s a reason to consider it. If you’re wanting your kitchen to have personality and individuality then purple and burgundy shades are the way to go. Try a focal wall or island that truly stands out. As you would expect, whites are best to complement it.

Elegant Navy

navy blue paint kitchen Dark navy is another unexpected colour option for a kitchen – but one that surprisingly works very well. Combine with contrasting white cabinets or, for an even more dramatic look, combine with dark wood. It’ll be the favoured room for a civilised late night in with good food, good drink and good company.

Passionate, retro reds

retro red kitchenUsing reds in your kitchen creates a space filled with warmth, friendliness and vibrancy. If you want a showstopper kitchen that ensures guests are left more than impressed, this is a colour scheme for you. Combine with light wood or white cabinets.


If you’ve got a particular kitchen design in mind, contact us today to help make your custom kitchen dream a reality, whether you’ve decided to keep it neutral or go bold.