The Best Lighting for your Kitchen


Kitchen with bold task lighting The way you choose to light your kitchen can significantly enhance the functionality of your cooking space – as well as the overall look and feel of your dream kitchen. At just the flick of a switch, you can create a specific mood and atmosphere that complements your choice of cabinets and worktops. The right lighting technology can also help to create the illusion of more space and definition.

At KNB, we are leading providers of a number of different kitchen fitting services in the Nottingham area. We will ensure every aspect of design and installation is taken care of, right down to the last detail. This includes providing state of the art lighting that complements your dream kitchen and fully meets your needs and expectations.

The Best Kitchen Lighting Solutions

There are three main types of kitchen lighting – ambient, task and accent – which all offer a variety of functional and decorative elements. In most kitchens, a successful lighting solution involves layering these different types to add a three dimensional feel. Layering also allows you to be more specific with the type of mood you want to create and helps to maximise the illumination of many different areas of the room in one go – including the worktops, island units, decorative features and dining area.

Task lighting – Best for Illuminating Key Areas

Kitchens of all sizes require efficient task lighting to illuminate key areas where food preparation and cooking takes place (worktops, sinks and hobs). Task lighting can be overmounted or exposed, and is also installed in drawers, cabinets or pantries to add extra illumination. The types of lighting technology used for task lighting include:

  • Contour strips.
  • Under cabinet fixtures.
  • Recessed lighting.

Ambient lighting – Best for Ceilings & General Lighting

This refers to the general lighting, which is key for creating the mood and feel of the cooking and dining space. This should be placed directly over walkways, sinks and counters to ensure every corner is lit. You can choose from a range of ambient lighting solutions, such as contemporary spotlights or softer lighting such as dimmable wall lights – depending on the overall design of your dream kitchen.

The types of lighting technology used for ambient lighting fixtures include:

  • Wall lights.
  • Track lighting.
  • Recessed lighting.

Accent lighting – Best for Decoration

The function of accent lighting is to enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen. This decorative lighting illuminates focal points and accentuates certain areas in the room. Examples include strip lights around an island unit, or low voltage spotlights directed at specific artwork or installed inside a glass-front cabinet.

All of the below fall under accent lighting:

  • Recessed lighting.
  • Wall mounted picture lights.
  • Strip lights.
  • Over cabinet lights.
  • Fluorescent fixtures.

Ambient and task lighting in a modern kitchenKitchen Lighting Tips

Saving Energy

If you are keen to install lighting that is energy efficient, LED lighting is a good option – especially if you are having a number of bulbs fitted. The latest LED products have less heat output, which can save a lot of money and also prevent cupboards and foods from becoming too warm.

Create the Illusion of More Space

You can use lighting to create the illusion of more space – particularly handy if you have a small kitchen or dining area. This can be done in a number of ways, but one example is angling directional spotlights towards the walls and cabinets so the light is reflected back into the room. In kitchens with high ceilings, adding uplights to the tops of cabinets can add more general light which will open up the room.

Coordinate Lighting Levels

To ensure your layered lighting solutions work beautifully and are more economical, it is recommended that you have dimmers and switches installed to coordinate lighting levels. This will also allow you to modulate the mood and ambience, and adjust the lighting according to the amount of natural light available.

At KNB we offer customers in the Nottingham area a kitchen fitting service that includes a wide range of extras – including electrics. To find out more about our services and how we can help you, take a look at our fitted kitchens page.