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Optimise the Space in Your Bathroom

Nottingham BathroomsRecently, we’ve been approached by customers that have purchased a new home. Having just moved, they were seeking a local Nottingham bathroom supplier to help make their house their home. KNB are dedicated to supplying bathrooms to Nottingham with high customer satisfaction. Our aim is to make sure you’ll be happy now, and ten, fifteen years down the line. We use CAD technology before construction begins to ensure that each customer is happy with our interpretation of their bathroom design.

After looking at the current housing market, we know that a significant number of the houses available have limited bathroom space. We want to help you maximise the space in your bathroom, which is why we’ve come up with a few simple tips that will help take advantage of the space you have.

It is important to have a matching bathroom suite because mismatched units reduce the appearance of space. A shower bath could utilise your bathroom space more effectively. Removing bathmats and rugs make floors appear larger, which works very well with large floor tiles. Replacing vanity units with pedestal ones and using glass wall shelving makes the floor more visible. Including patterned tiles on the walls in your bathroom creates an image for the eye to follow, which increases the appearance of the room’s size.

KNB have supplied fitted bathrooms in Nottingham for thirty years, and have developed many techniques to optimise your bathroom’s space. Lighting is essential, and even more so when you have limited space. Natural lighting in the room should be maximised. Mirrors help massively in this respect, and they double the appearance of your bathroom. The final piece of advice we’ll leave you with when looking for a bathroom design in Nottingham is to ensure you have enough space available to keep things tidy and organised. Nothing damages a room’s appearance and size more than clutter.

We’re here to help you get the most out of your bathroom design. Nottingham has already benefited from KNB’s fitted bathroom expertise as you can see with our previous projects. We work with each customer to design a bathroom that suits their needs and desires. From single unit rooms to wet rooms we can help optimise your bathroom’s space. If you live in Nottingham, we can help you develop a bathroom design that takes advantage of all the space available.
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