Christmas in your New KNB Kitchen

Christmas in your New KNB Kitchen

Christmas Dinner table, minus the Christmas Feast

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It’s that time of the year again! By now you’ve probably got a plan of attack for this year’s Christmas dinner. The whole family will be coming back, so the pressure is on to completely outdo last year’s meal. Don’t worry. We know you’re going to do an incredible job.

For many households, Christmas dinner is the largest feast of the year, which is why we see it as the ultimate test of your new fitted kitchen. For many of you, this year will be your first Christmas in your new KNB kitchen and we’re confident it will pass with flying colours.

So what do we test first? It’s got to be the storage space right? I mean your special Christmas plates, cutlery & table cloths need to be kept somewhere for the 11 months they’re not being used. You also need to be able to store all of your ingredients, and when you’re planning a giant feast you’ll have a lot of them. Plus, your kitchen needs to be cleverly organised so you can easily access the ingredients. This means that stuffing everything into a corner cupboard isn’t the solution.

It’s always a good idea to prepare whatever you can the day before, like the dessert. But then you’ll have to stick it in the fridge, so that’s the last of the precious space in the fridge gone. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to peel potatoes, baste the turkey, chop the carrots and wash the vegetables all on the same tiny kitchen counter, so you’ll need to have a good surface area to work with. If nothing else, you’ll need space where everything can queue up before getting its turn in the oven.

KNB Kitchen with Christmas Decorations

Every year there’s the moment, usually as soon as you let your guard down and take a breath, when you realise you’ve forgotten something – the cranberry sauce perhaps. If your kitchen doesn’t have a good layout and isn’t well organised, you’ll struggle to keep on top of those panic moments.

You’ll also need a good amount of room to be able to successfully manoeuvre the kids that are running around. Plus you’ll have to avoid the dog that’s somehow always right behind you, waiting for you to drop a piece of meat. And like magic, it’s gone before it hits the floor.

Well, we feel confident in each and every one of the kitchens we design and fit, so we know they’ll pass the Christmas dinner test. We’re proud of your new kitchen and you should be proud of the delicious meal you’re going to prepare for your entire family. So we ask that, if you get a spare moment, you snap a quick picture while you’re cooking and post it on our Facebook page.

Most importantly, enjoy the time you get to spend around the table with your loved ones. We want to wish all of you a very merry Christmas from everyone here at KNB. We hope you indulge in a delicious Christmas feast.

Santa taking Cookies out of the oven