Bringing trendy ideas to fitted kitchens across Nottingham

Bringing trendy ideas to fitted kitchens across Nottingham

2014 is going to be a big year for people looking for new kitchen ideas. Kitchens are seen as being a statement of its owner’s personality, and not just a room for cooking in. The Kitchen is moving toward becoming the centrepiece of the entire house. So we want to help bring the latest styles and trend to the kitchens in Nottingham. We wanted to let you know some of the trends that may inspire you to create a fitted kitchen design that will be sure to WOW any of your guests.

So let’s start from the ground up. Quite literally, we’re starting with the flooring. Trends have taken  Kitchens Nottinghamus through stone slab flooring, to tiles and now to wooden flooring, with dark mysterious colours taking the lead, however light wooden floors are becoming increasingly popular and we believe they will soon become dominant. We already incorporate this in our Moselle and Jordan range and have fitted them in many of our kitchens in Nottingham.

Another new trend that’s becoming increasingly popular in fitted kitchens is the use of raw organic materials – especially in the walls. Organic Brick walls, like in our Fraser range, are becoming an increasingly popular trend in 2014. The rustic look that a brick wall brings to the kitchen livens it up and gives it a more humble feel. But the organic look doesn’t stop there. Organic materials are also becoming increasingly more common with cabinets and worktops, with wood taking dominance amongst the latest fitted kitchen ideas.

Were many kitchens in the past few years have been Kitchens Nottinghamsticking with the monochrome basic design, we anticipate that wood heavy kitchen ideas will soon be taking over. The organic look and feel of a kitchen is both warm and welcoming, which invites your guests into the kitchen. With such a kitchen, like our Town & Country range, your guests will be assembling from all over Nottingham to have a coffee in your kitchen.

We’re staying on top of the trends, so if you’re looking for inspiring kitchen ideas, give us a call. We’ll work with you to find a kitchen design that suits you.