7 Easy Ways To Give Your Bathroom A Luxury Look

Give Your Bathroom That Luxury Look

When you’re decorating on a budget, it can be hard to get the look you really want. Installing new features and hiring contractors all come at a cost. Fortunately, with a bit of creativity, you can get a luxury look without blowing the budget.

  1. Up-cycled jars for storing toiletries may not be for everyone, but they do add a look of luxury. Store your soap in a dish rather than on the sink, stash your toothbrush in an eclectic tumbler, or keep your cotton buds in an up-cycled hurricane jar.shutterstock_386723386
  2. Monogrammed bath towels are an easy way to make your bathroom look more exclusive, but you can go further by adding it to hand-towels, tissue boxes, or even the back of an upholstered chair.shutterstock_265097885
  3. Wallpapering may not be as cheap as a new soap dish, but relative to paying a contractor to install a new shower and tiles, it’s a bargain. If your bathroom just needs a little something extra, adding even just one wall of wallpaper can make all the difference.shutterstock_361998716
  4. Adding art to your bathroom walls is not only a great way to express yourself but it’s sometimes the finishing touch you needed to bring your whole bathroom together. Implement your colour scheme in the piece for a subtle luxurious feel, or add a splash of colour for something contrasting, bright and fun.shutterstock_215654737
  5. Use open shelving to create more depth, detail and character to a bathroom.shutterstock_296607752
  6. Keep it clean. The easiest way to make your bathroom look cheap is for it to be grubby and untidy. You’d be surprised how much difference a good clean can make.shutterstock_412828819
  7. Get a new shower head. You can get stylish shower heads for cheap these days that can make your bathroom look more expensive. To make it feel more expensive, simply make sure that your pressure is high and your plumbing is properly working. Nothing says cheap like a dribbling shower.