Make the most of your space with these small bathroom ideas

Let’s face it, your bathroom isn’t going to be the biggest room in your house. Small bathrooms can be potentially problematic when it comes to space. If you want a bath and plenty of storage, you’ll need a few specialist small bathroom solutions.

As Nottingham’s leading bathroom fitter, we know a few tricks to make your small bathroom go further than you expect.

Small bathroom design tips

How can you fit a bath into a small bathroom? Sometimes a shower just isn’t enough. For long, thin bathrooms where a bath would take up most of the space, install a bath along the shorter back wall to create a greater freedom of movement.

When deciding on a toilet for a small bathroom, choose a toilet with a shorter profile. They don’t stick out as much as standard sizes, giving you more floor space.

Round sinks are much more effective for small bathrooms. They give you more counter space than a square sink, allowing you to store more things around it. Continuing the curve theme, curving the corners of your counters and surfaces softens the edges and makes the room feel bigger.

round sinks in small bathrooms

If your small bathroom has a shower, choose a shower door or screen that either opens inward or slides discretely. A walk-in shower or wetroom with a clear shower screen helps create a larger space in a smaller bathroom.

Clear shower screen in a small bathroom

Small bathroom storage ideas

Floating shelves allow you to store things without eating into your floor space.  The absence of brackets also emphasises the negative space, making the room look bigger.

Floating shelves in small bathrooms

Alternatively, build alcoves into your bathroom wall. Particularly effective in showers, alcoves provide stylish and streamlined storage solutions.

Alcoves in showers in small bathrooms

When space is at a premium, you need to manage your clutter. Storage baskets  are an ideal way to keep bottles and towels tidied away when not in use.

Storage baskets for small bathrooms and towels

Fix your towel rails above the bath to save on wall space and make your towels easier to grab when you’ve had a bath.

Towel rails should go over the bath in small bathrooms

Decorating a small bathroom

Create a neutral colour palette to form the base theme of your bathroom. Then, accent the palette by utilising textures and patterns to add creativity and depth. The key to decorating a small bathroom is that less is more.

Textures and patterns add character to small bathrooms.

The more mirrors you can fit, the better. As well as being handy while doing your makeup, mirrors reflect natural light, making small bathrooms look bigger.

Mirrors provide light and a sense to space to cramped bathrooms.

For more great small bathroom ideas, get in touch today.