Designing a Bathroom or Kitchen for the Aging UK Population

Better Bathrooms for the Aging Population

By 2050, for the first time in history, there will be more over 65 year olds than children under 15. Like it or not, we’re all getting older. But that’s not a bad thing – we’re healthier, enjoying life for longer, and getting smarter at supporting people as they age.

When it comes to designing a home to grow old in, there are many new and exciting concepts that combine practical support with style and comfort. This idea of building houses to grow old in is referred to as ‘aging in place’ design.

The Best of Both Worlds

In addition to taking into account mobility, getting old comes with other changes. Take eyesight for instance: as we age, our eyesight deteriorates. Use of high contrasting colours can really help someone with reduced visibility. Given that most bathroom fittings are white, older people will benefit from having darker colours on the walls.

Planning ahead and installing cleverly designed fittings and furnishings that remain usable as we age is a great way to save money when investing in a new bathroom. You will be able to make the most of the features and maintain your lifestyle no matter what happens. If you want peace of mind as you grow older, get in touch with KNB.