The Top 10 Low Cost Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom | From Bathroom Fitters in Nottingham

KNB’s Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Fitted Bathroom

A home’s bathroom is an area used by everyone, including guests. Despite this their upkeep and redecorating can be overlooked for other ‘higher impact’ rooms. Quite often this isn’t due to lack of care and attention but more about a restriction on redecorating budgets.

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As the premier fitters of bespoke bathrooms in Nottingham we, here at KNB Ltd, understand just how important a great looking bathroom really is. Thankfully, snazzing it up doesn’t have to be a bank breaking venture, especially when your local fitted bathroom specialists (that’s us by the way) spill their insider tips.

We’ve put together our top 10 ways of improving your bathroom on a budget, we hope they give you some inspiration. Also, if you put any of our suggestions into practice don’t forget to send us some photos via our Facebook page. Being top bathroom fitters in Nottingham we always love to see real designs!

Refresh Your Bathroom With a Lick of Paint

We all know that a fresh lick of paint is a fantastic way to spruce up any room in the house, this includes the bathroom. A new coat of paint can transform a bathroom from dark and dingy to light and spacious. Two tone colours work great, whether they’re both light or one’s light and one’s dark. Think coffee and cream or pastel and aqua blue.

KNB Tips

Use specialist bathroom paint that is designed to be moisture and mould resistant. Other types of paint may not fair so well in a warm moisture rich environment.

You could also consider installing a feature wall to improve colour variance. This is particularly popular when we install bathrooms in Nottingham.

Brighten Things up With Focal Point Lighting

As one of the smallest and most private rooms in the house the bathroom can sometimes also be the darkest and most dingy. A bright, attractive lighting focal point can improve this greatly. Think about a chandelier type design maybe, or something that utilises a lot of reflective glass and is similarly eye catching.

KNB Tips

You don’t have to shell out for such a lighting piece. You can find plenty at car boot sales, charity shops or even online.

In addition to the central lighting piece, for times when you want a slightly more chilled out vibe, why not install some LED faux candles. These can either be placed in holders on the wall or put on the end of your bath or counter tops. They last for ages and aren’t a fire hazard!

Install a Rustic Towel Rack

If your towel rail is looking a bit worse for wear and taking up more space then you have to offer why not put together a compact, rustic version. All you need is a piece of 2×4 wood, cut into five 12-inch sections, and a mounting strip cut from the same piece. Fasten the pieces to the assembly with enough space in-between each for a rolled up towel. Attach the assembly to the wall and voila, you have a great looking towel rack.

KNB Tips

Before assembling the rack treat the wood with a high quality stain to enhance its look and bring it into the theme of the rest of the wood in your bathroom. This will also protect the wood from warping as a result of moisture encroachment.

Mount a couple of distressed metal hooks on to the wall next to the rack for towels that are currently in use, they’ll dry much better that way.

Install a Wall Mounted Cabinet

If your floor situated cabinet is looking tired and taking up a bit too much room why not replace it with a wall mounted one. You can pick up a second hand piece nice and cheap online. When it arrives give it a sand down and treat it with a coat of varnish before placing it on your bathroom wall. You could also try attaching a mirror to the front of it to improve the feeling of spaciousness and lighting.

KNB Tips

If you share your bathroom with a significant other why not buy two smaller cabinets and mount them either side of the sink for his and hers storage areas.

Ensure the wood is thoroughly treated before installing the cabinets to prevent any warping due to high moisture levels.

Use a Multilevel Fruit Basket to Increase Bath and Shower Storage Space

This tip is incredibly simple but also brilliantly effective. If every time you have a bath or shower you accidently cause a cascade of different shower gel and shampoo bottles you may want to consider picking up a simple stainless steel multilevel fruit basket. They can be affixed to either the wall or ceiling using a simple hook. You can then put some of those pesky bottles out of the way.

KNB Tips

Store shower poufs or sponges in the bottom level of the basket to prevent them dripping onto bottles and possibly creating mould.

Place the basket down the end of the bath where the shower is situated to ensure the bottles are in easy reach when showering.

Install Faux-Wooden Blinds

If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom make the most of it by installing attractive faux-wooden blinds. Not only do they look great but they can also let in a fantastic amount of natural light whilst respecting your privacy. Combined with the LED candles these blinds can create a really atmospheric, relaxing environment.

KNB Tips

Ensure the blinds are constructed from a waterproof faux-wood product such as laminate to prevent moisture damage.

If you’re unsure of which colour to choose you can’t go wrong with a clean, understated white.

Renew Cabinets With a Lick of Paint and New Knobs

Just like it freshens up a whole room, a lick of paint can also completely regenerate your old cabinets. Think about matching them to your new colour scheme for a fully rounded look. You can pick up complete kits for this job or you can sand, prime and paint them. You can find a new set of knobs for pretty cheap at any DIY shop. It’s only a small change but can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

KNB Tips

Sanding the cabinets down will be easier if you disassemble the units first. Take pictures of the cabinets at each stage and keep all screws with their correlating parts as you go. This will make it far easier to put them back together again. We’d also love to see some project photos on our Facebook page…

Ensure you use specialist, waterproof paint when repainting your cabinets to prevent moisture intrusion.

Frame Your Old Mirror

As fitted bathroom specialists we don’t believe in having to replace everything. If you’re bathroom has a wall mounted mirror that you’re slightly tired of don’t get out the dust sheet and hammer just yet because:

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1. No one needs those seven years bad luck

2. There’s a far simpler way to freshen it up.

Installing a frame can completely transform your mirror from dreary reflective glass to fantastic bathroom focal piece. Any sort of frame or molding will do. Again, if you’re unsure of colour you can’t go wrong with white.

KNB Tips

Try and acquire moulding with a rabbet fitting on the back. This will allow it to fit snug against the edge of the mirror and extend over it.

Don’t forget to paint the inside of the frame or mold. This will be reflected by the mirror so choose a subtle, neutral tone.

Freshen up Your Shower Curtain (or Replace it With a Glass Screen)

As bathroom features go, shower curtains are often looked at as simply functional inclusions. However, this does not need to be the case! A grimy, faded curtain can really retract from the beauty of your bathroom but doesn’t cost much to replace. A new, neutrally and lightly coloured curtain can make all the difference.

KNB Tips

While you change your curtain why not go the whole hog and switch out the rail too. You can pick up a vintage metal one fairly easily online. You can even combine this with some oversized metal hoops for a truly retro feel.

If your budget is slightly larger you could consider replacing your curtain with a glass screen. A simple, plain glass finish can be incredibly effective.

Reframe Your Bath With Some Wood Effect PVC

Refreshing your bath doesn’t have to involve ripping out the whole tub. Instead give it a good scrub and think about changing its wonky plastic framing for something slightly more stylish. Once again look into using faux wood PVC products to ensure it can stand up to inevitable splashing. Go for a similar colour and grain to the rest of the ‘wood’ products in the bathroom to tie in the design nicely.

KNB Tips

If you’re feeling slightly more ambitious try building doors into the panels. This creates new storage room from practically nothing and can enhance your baths look further.

To refresh your bath even more try replacing the taps, it’s a small change that can have a big effect.


Don’t Forget, We’re Specialist Bathroom Fitters in Nottingham!

All these tips are highly actionable and will make a huge difference to your bathroom whether on a standalone basis or as part of a larger transformation. They’re also highly cost effective and can be carried out by anyone with a bit of DIY know how and no fear of using a bit of elbow grease.

However, not everyone has the time to invest in home renovation projects such as these. If this article has got your creative juices flowing but also made you painfully aware of your lack of free time we can definitely help.

As the premier fitter of bespoke kitchens and bathrooms in Nottingham we have over 30 years experience and a plethora of happy customers. Why not give us a call on 0800 9520052 or book a completely free, no obligation bespoke bathroom design and quotation now.  We can use our advanced CAD design software to virtually create your dream bathroom, allowing us to get each element absolutely perfect before installation. Also, if you’re looking for further inspiration don’t forget you can request a free design brochure. We look forward to hearing from you soon!