Our Nottingham Kitchen Makeovers

Our Nottingham Kitchen Makeovers

We’ve completed hundreds of Nottingham kitchen makeovers over the years. We believe that each kitchen is unique and we show this in each one we’ve ever designed. In our 30 years of experience, we’ve made sure no two kitchens are alike. Read on to discover what we mean.

You should consider a number of things before starting your kitchen makeover. The main thing to consider is the style you want. There are three main categories: traditional, modern and shaker-style kitchens. Most of the kitchens we’ve fitted in Nottingham fall under one of these.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. We make sure each kitchen we design reflects the homeowner’s personality. Every one has a slightly different style and is unique in its own way.

Below are a few of our recent kitchen makeovers. Let us know what you think of them by leaving a comment.

Mr & Mrs Press’ Light Oak Kitchen Makeover

Mr & Mrs Press wanted a simple and functional kitchen, one that would impress their friends without being too showy. Nothing would have suited them better than a shaker-style one.

Mr & Mrs Press, Nottingham Shaker Kitchen MakeoverWhile talking them through some of our designs, the Town & Country Modern Oak kitchen caught their attention. Because their hearts were set on the Modern Oak we kept the design very similar. However, we installed a small service window leading to the living room. Now, Mrs Press can continue entertaining her guests even when she has to check on dinner.

Mrs Brown’s Custom Kitchen Makeover

Mrs Brown was attached to her existing kitchen, but knew it was time to refresh it. Instead of starting from scratch, we recycled her wall tiles, flooring and worktop. This meant she didn’t have to say goodbye to the kitchen she had already fallen in love with.
Mrs Brown, Nottingham Traditional Bespoke Kitchen MakeoverDid you think it was a completely new kitchen or did you spot the similarities?

Mrs Brown was interested in keeping a traditional looking kitchen, so we found some inspiration in the Fraser Oak design. However, she wanted a more rustic look, which we achieved with the cupboards and the lighting.

Mrs Wakefield – Our Greatest Nottingham Kitchen Makeover

Although we are proud of every kitchen we work on, this is one of our favourite transformations. Looking at the images you wouldn’t think they were of the same room. Mrs Wakefield had a 1950’s kitchen and really wanted to replace it with a more modern kitchen. We think you’ll agree that she got exactly what she wanted.


Mrs Wakefield, Nottingham Modern Kitchen Makeover

There are many similarities here to our Rio kitchen range, but once again we made it all its own. We successfully transformed the kitchen to make it feel much more spacious. Mrs Wakefield was thrilled with the transformation, as were we.

If you think it’s time for your Nottingham kitchen to have a makeover, please get in touch with Dean, our expert kitchen designer, to arrange your free design and quotation.