What Makes New Fitted Kitchens Really Shine?

What Makes New Fitted Kitchens Really Shine?

Kitchen Design NottinghamIn a world where everyone’s so active, the kitchen supplies a sanctuary where family members can have a quick life update and a sandwich before shooting out, or relax and a nice long catch up over a coffee. The kitchen represents much more today than it did 30 years ago, when KNB first became the trendy kitchen supplier in Nottingham. These days the kitchen is a source of social interaction. So what is it about these new fitted kitchens around Nottingham that keeps people in them?

You can ask any quality kitchens supplier, Nottingham or elsewhere, and they’ll tell you that a new trendy kitchen design can turn a house into a home. By removing walls and rearranging the layout a small kitchen can become a sociable kitchen with room for everyone. An open kitchen, where all the units are strategically placed allows for more fluid movement. A chef to have a conversation with guests while cooking, and not have to dart past them every ten seconds. Where a trendy worktop does have its part to play, we believe something else is needed more.

In our professional opinion, it’s the little things that make a fitted kitchen welcoming. A trendy colour Kitchen Appliances scheme definitely has its place, but the appliances make a massive impact on every guest, and on you. A good cooker and hob allows you to whip up a tasty concoction of delicious smells to dazzle the audience as you elegantly pick out the ingredients of your masterpiece from the fridge. The fridge door closes effortlessly as you pass by the washing machine, that’s so quiet your guest hasn’t even realised it’s on. The extractor fan impresses, being so efficient that the air is country side clear and it’s so quiet you haven’t even raised your voice.

You’re so happy with the work your local fitted kitchen supplier has done. Each morning as the sun rises over Nottingham it shines through your kitchen window, and even after the sun goes down your kitchen still shines because of the new trendy lighting arrangement. The arrangement will ensure that each new element of your kitchen gets notices. Each light purposely located to maximise its effectiveness and make sure you’re always in the spot light. Each graceful flip of the morning pancake is highlighted and witnessed by your eager and hungry fans.

We are your local Kitchens supplier, and we want to make sure you get what you want out of our service. We aim to supply each customer with a kitchen that’s so welcoming it makes them consider staying home with a cocktail and some friends, over a Saturday night at the latest trendy bar. We take pride in each Nottingham kitchen we’ve fitted, and enjoy getting to know more of the local residents.

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