Kitchen Trends for 2017

2017 Trends For Your Kitchen

The end of 2016 is soon approaching, and whilst we’ll miss 2016, we can’t wait to see what the New Year has in store – particularly for the latest kitchen designs. These are the trends predicted for 2017; we’re excited to see if they come true and look forward to undoubtedly seeing some surprises along the way:


kitchen trends 2017There’s consistent chatter of terracotta being a strong trend for kitchens and dining in 2017. In essence, warm rustic, matte tones are in and cooler tones such as marble are out. Copper and rose gold, whilst on the warmer side are also predicted to lose popularity over time.

Terracotta plant pots can also add a touch of rustic warmth to your kitchen if you aren’t a fan of tiles.

Keep it Cosy – Goodbye Open Plancosy kitchen

2017 is nodding its head in favour of cosy, warm and busy kitchens. Open plan living is predicted to be left to one side as nooks and traditional places to escape away from the digital world are preferred.

Dark Wood

dark wood kitchen2017 is said to see the re-birth of dark timber – rich, deep colours from dark brown to solid black are thought to be the popular choice for kitchens next year. This is perfect if you’re not a fan of the traditional warm trends appearing for the year – black is quintessentially untraditional when it comes to kitchens so you can be sure you’ve got a kitchen that’s striking.

Desert & Moroccancactuses

More of an overall interior trend keeping in line with the warmer tones of terracotta, however this one can still apply in the kitchen – think morrocan rugs and cacti planters.

Jewel Colours

dark green kitchenIf you’re wondering what the best paint for kitchen cabinets is for 2017, deep greens are set to be a strong trend. If you’re not brave enough to go for dark green kitchen cabinets, why not try feature items instead?

Combine this colour palette with the trend of Moroccan patterns to really be ahead of the game.

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