Tiling Ideas for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Pastel Tiles

Tiling never goes out of fashion. It’s one of those interior design essentials that just evolves over time and moves with the times. You can do as much or as little with tiles as you like, from beautiful feature mosaics to softly blended floors and walls.

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Easter Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Easter Kitchen Decorations

Are you looking for some inspirational ideas on how to make your Easter extra special this year? We recommend going all-out in the kitchen, and we don’t just mean in the food department!

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2018 Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

Bath tub made from enamel coated cast iron

Are you looking to update, refresh or completely redesign your kitchen and/or bathroom in 2018? We’ve got the latest trends for this year, so you can check out what’s in with the world of interior design…

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Make your Kitchen the Heart of your Christmas Party

Christmas party dancing in the kitchen

Make your Kitchen the Heart of your Christmas Party Are you hosting a big festive bash this year? Or just having a few friends over for an evening? No matter the scale of your party, make your kitchen the place to be this Christmas.

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Clever Storage for Kitchens

Clever kitchen storage unit with shelving

Clever Storage for Kitchens The space in your kitchen, regardless of how big or small it is, ultimately needs to be useable. When you think about how much you move about in your kitchen, how many cupboards you need to open and how many items you need to pull out, you want to make sure…

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7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas Trending in 2017

Small Kitchen Design Trends 2015

  7 Small Kitchen Design Ideas Trending in 2017 Fashions and trends change all the time, which is why we design our kitchens to be timeless. They never go out of style because they’re designed around your personal tastes. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t stay on top of the latest kitchen trends. Below are…

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Top Kitchen Trends of 2016

Traditional kitchen with modern appliances

Top Kitchen Trends of 2016 In 2016, kitchens are brighter, sleeker and more charismatic than ever, thanks to a whole host of new trends taking the industry by storm. If you’re considering updating your kitchen this year, or are planning a complete renovation, we’ve rounded up the top kitchen trends for design inspiration: A Touch…

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Space Saving Kitchen Ideas

Spacious looking kitchen

Save Space In Your Kitchen If you’re frustrated with your small kitchen, our handy space saving kitchen ideas are just what you need to give it a new lease of life and make it feel a lot bigger.

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5 Tips For A Stress-Free Christmas In The Kitchen

A cooked Christmas Dinner

Keep Your Christmas Kitchen Stress Free There’s no doubt about it; Christmas can be stressful. According to a recent study by Panasonic, one in 10 of us find Christmas more stressful than moving house, while one in seven would much prefer organising an entire wedding than hosting Christmas Day for friends and family! Often at…

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Picking The Best Kitchen Cabinet Style For Your Home

Large kitchen with wooden cabinets

  Cabinets are one of the most prominent features in a kitchen; serving as the cornerstone of a functional, hardworking cooking space and one of the most visible design elements. Therefore, choosing the right door styles, materials and features that perfectly match your requirements and personal taste is key to maximising your kitchen’s functionality and…

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