What you get with a KNB Fitted Kitchen

What you get with a KNB Fitted Kitchen

Many of you are still not completely sure about exactly what you get when you purchase a bathroom or kitchen and get it fitted by KNB. We could tell you all about the services we offer, but instead we’ll talk you through what we did for one of our customer’s fitted kitchens, Mr and Mrs Wang. We will take you through the benefits that you get by having a kitchen designed and fitted by Nottingham’s No.1 kitchens and bathrooms specialist.

Full Complete Fitted Kitchen

Mr and Mrs Wang’s bespoke kitchen, designed and fitted by Nottingham’s KNB.

First off is a free design and quotation. We offer a free, no-strings attached home design and quotation service that allows us to use the latest computer aided design software to show you exactly how your finished kitchen will look. So you know exactly what you’re getting before you commit to a purchase. Mr and Mrs Wang liked units from different suppliers so we made sure our kitchen incorporated the styles of both designs. They were delighted with the kitchen design that we created and ordered it immediately.

We’ve fitted countless kitchens across Nottingham over the years and can complete any tasks that you might need. In Mr and Mrs Wang’s home, we encountered an issue with the plumbing, which we had to realign in order to fit the exact kitchen that they wanted. While rewiring the room, we came across a number of dangerous loose and exposed wires that had to be removed properly and safely.

To make sure you get exactly what you want, we only employ fully trained and experienced workmen who are certified to execute any tasks your job may require. We care about the little details that some national kitchen suppliers may overlook. But when Mrs and Mrs Wang told us they wanted a custom fit timber worktop, we were happy to give them just that. By their request we also included ingrained drainer grooves and gave it an oil treatment.

Bare Kitchen in Nottingham without units

The Wang Kitchen before A KNB Fitting

As you can see in these pictures, the kitchen was fitted to the highest of standards. We applied the finishing touches to truly make their brand new fitted kitchen one of the trendiest in the whole of Nottinghamshire. The entire job was completed even before the estimated completion date. Each of the new units and doors even came with a 10 year guarantee.

A complete fitted kitchen with centre Timber worktop.

The Wang Kitchen after a KNB Fitting.

Although we always drive our prices down, we were able to reduce it by a further £2.5K, which Mrs Wang was extremely happy about especially when we were already the cheapest kitchen supplier in Nottingham.. They were excited to show their new kitchen to their friends, and we were excited to welcome them to our community of satisfied customers. To see exactly how the Wang’s Kitchen turned out, click here and visit our Facebook Album.