Archives: Feb '16

Bathroom Lighting Tips

Bathroom with ambient lighting fixtures

  Your choice of lighting can significantly enhance the functionality of your bathroom – as well as the overall look and feel. With so many different types of lighting to choose from, there’s plenty of scope to create a tailored solution that adds the right amount of brightness, personality and ambience to your bathroom. As…

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Top Kitchen Trends of 2016

Traditional kitchen with modern appliances

Top Kitchen Trends of 2016 In 2016, kitchens are brighter, sleeker and more charismatic than ever, thanks to a whole host of new trends taking the industry by storm. If you’re considering updating your kitchen this year, or are planning a complete renovation, we’ve rounded up the top kitchen trends for design inspiration: A Touch…

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Space Saving Kitchen Ideas

Spacious looking kitchen

Save Space In Your Kitchen If you’re frustrated with your small kitchen, our handy space saving kitchen ideas are just what you need to give it a new lease of life and make it feel a lot bigger.

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How to Pick the Best Bathroom Sinks & Taps

sink with tap running

  Available in a vast array of shapes, designs, sizes and materials, choosing the perfect sink and taps for your bathroom can be rather complex – especially as you’ll need to factor in their functionality just as much as their aesthetic appeal. The sink and taps can set the tone for the entire bathroom. They…

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